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Friday Bonanza!



Event Start Date: 2019/11/01



Friday Bonanza!




The week as a whole was much improved over the past several months. We would add several more species to the catch list. Thursday afternoon, bait moved in and stayed through Friday evening. We had Cigar minnows, Goggle eyes, Spanish Sardine and hardtails. Water clarity remained clear and we had good winds several days. Friday, the bite went off with Kings, Spanish and Bonita chewing. It was a very welcome change and set high expectations for the “2019 Fall King of the Kings” pier tournament sponsored by Kevin G. and Daniel L. 

King Mackerel catches have been a big disappointment since Spring. Plus, we have not had good numbers of bait species until Friday. The old addage, the fish follow the bait, was reinforced as the fish began chewing Friday. The bite kept getting better as the day progressed. I lost count of how many hit the deck but there were at least 3 Kings at or over 20 pounds. Spanish came over the rail up to 5 pounds and Bonita carcasses littered the deck. Sean got a King that was 23 pounds 10 ounces then Von brought up a 22 pound 7 ounce fish. Nory just missed the 20 mark with his 19 pound 13 ounce King. On the Spanish side, George, Danny C., Marty and Norri all decked fish in the “axe handle” category.  The Bonita added a level of challenge as they wrapped and tangled anglers’ lines and shot under the pier to escape in the pilings. Here is a sampling of the bonanza: (see: Sean-8319; Von H.-8324; Nori-8325; George-5773; Danny C.-8321; Marty-8322; Nori-8323)  



Saturday morning started early with anglers lining up for the start of the “2019 King of the Kings” tourney. Nineteen anglers entered for the King category and seventeen for the Spanish group. Anglers’ lines began hitting the water at 05:00 a.m. and the bite was on. The first King was weighed in at 06:33 with an 8 pounder by Jason G. A few minutes later, Danny entered his 12 pound 7 ounce fish. The next 3 plus hours would not produce any contenders. Then, last Spring winner Jeffery, weighed a 15 pound 3 ounce fish at 10:30 a.m.. The banter began with challengers wanting to knock Jeffery off the leader board. No more challengers would weigh a fish until 12:15 p.m. when Danny gaffed his second fish to be weighed. It hit the scale just shy of nineteen pounds. This 18 pound 15 ounce fish would hold the leader slot until the tourney had to be called about 4:45 p.m. due to dangerous weather. The Spanish Mackerel category anglers put numerous fish on the deck but only 3 were put on the scales. Jeffery got it started early with a 2 pound 15 ounce fish at 05:30 a.m. Jason G. would bring the first challenger and took the lead with a 3 pound 4 ounce Spanish. The winning fish came 15 minuted later when Bill S. brought his catch to the scale. It weighed 4 pounds 3 ounces and would hold the remainder of the time. Kings and Spanish were mixed with Bonita. It was interesting to watch the dance anglers had to perform to keep their tournament fish free of tangles with the Bonita. Brenda kept one of the Bonita she hooked clear of the fray. KUDOS to all the anglers and a big THANK-YOU to Kevin and Daniel for organizing and sponsoring the event. (see: Tourney-8327, 8328; Jeffery-8329; Danny-8330; Daniel, Danny, Kevin, Bill-75610662, 8332, 8333; Brenda-8326)

By Monday, conditions had changed with a weather front passing. The water was flat with very little wind. However, a switch to a different species paid off. Red and Black Drum came in on a tear. The outer sand bar was the spot as schools of hungry Drum gathered. I hooked 6 Reds and 2 Blacks. Three of the Reds took me to school, 2 were over-slot and one keeper went into the cooler. Both Blacks weighed 16 pounds. One went into the cooler and the other was returned to fight again. Chris, visiting from Seattle, was fishing next to me. He landed 2 Reds, one of which was 40 inches. Both of his fish were returned. Slick was targeting Flounder with live Tiger minnows. He had worked all the skinny water and out just past the bar with no luck except the pesky Remora. However, a move to the Tee produced two nice “Flatties”.  (see: Sam-8342, 8341; Chris-8344; Slick8345)

Tuesday the Blacks were gone but a few Reds remained. Trash fish were stealing bait  making it almost impossible to get a bite. I did manage to hook two, loosing both- one to a pulled hook and the other took me into the pilings. Mark worked the Sheepshead using Fiddler Crabs. Almost 4 hours of work finally paid off with a nice catch. (see: Mark-8346)

Species caught: King/Spanish Mackerel, Red/Black Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder, Pompano, Bonita, Bluefish, Ladyfish and Blue Runners. Bait: Cigar minnows, Goggle eyes, Spanish Sardine & Hardtails. 

Tides for the week: Full Moon Tuesday Nov. 12th -  New Moon Tuesday Nov. 26th.   

Thursday 31st.        10:41am Low  0.0      11:45pm High 1.8  Sunrise: 6:56am  Sunset: 5:56pm

Friday                     11:41am Low  0.0  

Saturday                 12:38pm Low  0.1     12:31am High 1.8

Sunday                     2:00am  Daylight savings time ends

Sunday                   12:30pm Low  0.2       1:16am High 1.1

Monday                    1:11pm Low   0.3       1:01am High 1.5

Tuesday                   1:28pm Low   0.4       1:47am High 1.4

Wednesday 23rd.      1:27pm Low   0.5       2:38am High  1.2   Sunrise:6:01am  Sunset: 4:52pm 


The Marine forecast for the next several days is:

 (local forecast)

THURSDAY  (80/43 rain  80% wind WSW-17)

FRIDAY    (63/48 rain   0% wind NNE-14)

SATURDAY  (67/48 rain  10% wind   N-12)

SUNDAY    (65/51 rain   0% wind NNE-13)

MONDAY    (71/60 rain  10% wind  NE-09)

TUESDAY   (75/62 rain  40% wind  NE-08)

WEDNESDAY (75/57 rain  20% wind NNE-10)

Tight lines and screaming drags,