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34 pound Smoker-biggest of the year



Event Start Date: 2019/11/16


34 pound Smoker-biggest of the year

Our water clarity is still great and the temperature is dropping to the point that Kings and Spanish will soon be gone. However, one Smoker and an Axe-Handle still made an appearance. Flounder are moving in and catches are improving. Sheepshead have been hanging around but have been tough to entice to bite. Mikel got the only one caught for the week.



The King bite was better than expected the past 7 days with very early mornings being prime time. That said, there were only 2 or 3 caught each morning and they were small. Tuesday, the 12th, we had a front move through and with it came the biggest King of the year. Antonio was working his X-Rap when the strike happened. He quickly brought the fish to the gaff and decked his 34 pound King. 



That same morning brought a good Spanish bite. The weather was turning bad with wind and cold air. Most of the fish were average but the big one was still there. Brenda was freezing but hung in there a little longer. Her tenacity was rewarded with her personal best catch. It weighed 6.3 pounds.



November is usually our best month for Flounder. The bite has started slow but fish are being decked almost daily. No limits of fish yet but Slick did get 5 one day. Bull minnows and small Alewives have worked best. Lorenzo, Brenda and Paul got at least a couple to make the effort worth it.






Species caught: King/Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder, Bluefish, Ladyfish and Blue Runners. Bait: Cigar minnows, Goggle eyes, Spanish Sardine, Alewives & Hardtails. 

Tides for the week: Full Moon Wednesday Dec. 11th -  New Moon Tuesday Nov. 26th.   

Saturday                   9:51am Low  -0.2    11:21pm High 1.7

Sunday                   10:42am Low  -0.2

Monday                   11:30am Low  -0.2    12:09am High 1.7

Tuesday                  12:12pm Low  -0.1    12:57am High 1.5

Wednesday 20th.      12:42pm Low   0.1      1:46am High 1.3   Sunrise:6:13am  Sunset: 4:44pm 


The Marine forecast for the next several days is:

 (local forecast)

SATURDAY  (66/47 rain   0% wind   N-12)

SUNDAY    (65/49 rain  10% wind NNW-07)

MONDAY    (63/47 rain  10% wind WNW-09)

TUESDAY   (65/50 rain  10% wind WNW-08)

WEDNESDAY (68/54 rain   0% wind ESE-06)

Tight lines and screaming drags,