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BCO King Tournament Review And Red Tide



Event Start Date: 2021/11/01


The last two days of the King Tournament as well as the remainder of the week was lost to incoming Red Tide. We had experienced some presence for days but the first “fish kill’ changed that. According to the latest test results done by FWC, several samples returned with a high content of the Karenia brevis (algae).    




Here is a copy of an email from Maki Tabuch, MS of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. The area highlighted in red is concerning given the proposed outflow runoff pipes scheduled to be installed on Panama City Beach in 2022. I sent my City Council representative an email and got an almost immediate response. He informed me that there will be a filtration system installed to filter the runoff before discharge. This would be a big factor in my opinion as the current runoff is not filtered. According to him, the collection points will be at the current locations and the discharge points will be in a much larger volume of water than currently discharged. 


“Thank you for contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Fish Kill Hotline. Your report is important because we rely on the public to notify us about fish disease, mortality events, and water discoloration. Fish and Wildlife Health (FWH) staff document, respond to and monitor, and study fish kills in state-managed waters. Our focus is naturally occurring fish kills, for example, disease, algal blooms including harmful algae, and poor water quality (e.g., low dissolved oxygen, changes in salinity and pH).   

FWH staff encourages the public to participate as citizen scientists and assist with this research. When a member of the public calls the hotline, they provide valuable information that is included in a long-term, statewide dataset to monitor the health of Florida’s fish and wildlife.  


The public’s participation is crucial in helping track fish kills and disease outbreaks. Public reports give FWH staff the opportunity to answer questions, provide educational information, and possibly identify fish kill trends over time. Every report is documented in the searchable fish kill database, available online.  


As part of routine monitoring for harmful algal bloom species, FWC collects weekly water samples. The red tide organism, Karenia brevis, was observed at very low concentrations in one sample from Escambia County, background to high concentrations in 20 samples from or offshore of Bay County, very low to medium concentrations in 10 samples from or offshore of Gulf County, very low to medium concentrations in six samples from Franklin County, background to medium concentrations in five samples from offshore of Dixie County, background to high concentrations in 24 samples from or offshore of Levy County, and background concentrations in two samples from offshore of Pasco County. K. brevis was not observed in a sample collected from Santa Rosa County. 


Red tides in Florida develop 10-40 miles offshore, away from high nutrient sources. However, when a red tide bloom is carried closer to shore it is capable of using nutrients for growth from a variety of sources, including freshwater runoff. FWC along with partner agencies will continue to monitor the situation and additional samples will be collected during event response efforts. Additional details are provided on our FWC website with the updated reports available every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.  

I am attaching an informational brochure about red tide that may be of interest. Feel free to email me directly if you have any additional questions.”  

Maki Tabuchi, MS

Research Associate

Fish & Wildlife Health

Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
100 Eighth Avenue Southeast,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5020
Phone: (727) 502-4937
Fish Kill Hotline: (800) 636- 0511

Visit us at 

Tournament results for the First BCO Fall King Mackerel Tournament:

Poor conditions and the onset of the “Red Tide” made for a very challenging fishing environment.  We also delt with excessive rainfall which resulted in coffee colored water. There were only 4 fish officially weighed the entire six weeks. All four of them were caught in a three day span. Of the 115 anglers registered, only a dozen fish were decked. Once the 15.55 pound second place fish set the lower limit, no other fish were officially weighed. We did have a 16.13 pound fish that was close but fell just shy. Hachid N. placed first with his 17.42 pound fish he caught 10-02-21. Hachid not only caught the biggest King but lost the largest fish hooked and decked the most Kings of any angler.  Norito J. placed second with his 16.55 pound fish caught 10-04-21. CONGRATULATIONS to Hachid and Nori and THANKS to all participating anglers. We want to thank Bay County Recreation, Bay County Outdoors and especially our sponsors Rapala, VMC, Suffix and D.O.A.  Without them it would not have been possible.




New Moon Thursday Noc. 04, 2021  Full Moon Friday Nov. 19, 2021


Bay County Parks and Recreation – 5304 Majetti Tower Road  Panama City, FL 32404


Travis Barbee – Bay Co. Parks Division Manager – – 850-381-8155

James Beattie – Bay Co. Beach Operations Manager - -  850-814-3771

Tight lines and screaming drags,